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Leopard & Pink

Dress: Alyx Limited (similar)

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Fashion for Fitness

As many of you know, I am a runner. I’m a runner who loves to sweat and feel sore muscles the next day. I love the feeling of really earning my shower at the end of a workout, and I’m a firm believer that if you still look cute at the end of your run, you didn’t run hard enough. As true as all of this is, however, I still love to wear cute clothes when I run. I’m very much not a baggy sweats and old tee shirt kind of girl. I love cute yoga pants, brightly colored tank tops, &  fun sneakers! I’m almost never photographed in my workout clothes, so I do apologize for the stock photos here, but I wanted to give you an idea of who I am outside of my day to day wardrobe!

Like these cute yoga pants from JC Penney!

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My Apologies!

Good morning readers. Sadly, I do not have a post for you today, and for that I apologize sincerely. I had all sorts of fun festivities planned between Thanksgiving, my birthday, and a little shopping that would have allowed for TONS of fun pictures and stories to tell. Sometimes, though, the universe doesn’t care what your plans are and throws you for a loop. Without being too depressing or going into a lot of detail, a very jarring turn of events put a family member in the hospital Friday morning, and that’s pretty much where I’ve been all weekend. I will be back with a fashion-based post tomorrow, though. I have a couple of fun posts in mind that I’m sure you all will enjoy! For now, to lighten up the mood a bit, I’ll leave you with this funny pic I snapped at H&M in the city last weekend:

She wears it quite well, don’t you think?

❤ Chelsea

Fashion Obsessions

Every Fashionista has her own personal sense of style. We all have certain things that we can’t get enough of and things we wouldn’t be caught dead in. We take bits and pieces from the trends that we see around us and we each create our own slightly personalized version as a way to express who we are. I have compiled a list here of things that I either have or wish I had in my wardrobe. Each piece or trend represents a piece of who I am on the inside reflected outwardly.

1. Leopard Print/Animal Themed Pieces

Animal themed pieces are so much fun and they really show off  my wilder side. I especially love leopard and cheetah print because they’re so easy to dress up or down (see Toronto and Election Day outfits for examples of each), and as long as you don’t overdo it, you’ll always look classy and well put-together!

Blouse: Worthington, $16

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Best Friends GIVEAWAY!

Good Morning and Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone has had a pleasant week and is looking forward to the weekend and the holiday week coming up.

As promised last week, Curves & Curls is having its very first giveaway! I will be giving away two items of your choosing from my Etsy store; one for you and one for a friend!

Entering is simple. Just follow the instructions below!

  1.  You must be a follower of Curves & Curls, either on here or on Facebook.
  2.  Follow Curves & Curls on Twitter and/or like Titch & Smidge Designs on Facebook for an extra entry apiece.
  3.  Visit the Titch & Smidge Designs Etsy Shop, and leave a comment below with your favorite item.
  4.  Also in your comment, tell me what you love most about your best friend.
  5.  Finally, include your email address so you can be contacted if you’re the winner!

The contest closes next Friday the 23rd (my birthday!) at midnight. If you are the winner, you will be contacted via email and given the chance to select the two items you would like to receive.

Good Luck!