About Me!

Hi All! My name is Chelsea, and welcome to my personal style blog, Curves & Curls! I’m 23 years old and I live in Connecticut. I graduated in 2010 from Russell Sage College in Troy, NY with a degree in Business & Organizational Management. I just moved back to CT over the summer, and am currently working as the accounting coordinator (second to the CFO) for a logistics company there.  I started this blog for a couple of reasons. First, fashion is fun! I love getting up in the morning and putting together a fun outfit. The right outfit can really boost your mood and pull an entire day together! The second reason I decided to create this blog is this: I love reading style blogs, and have several that I read daily. But I have yet to find a style blog run by a girl who looks like me. I’m a full-figured woman, and I embrace my body. I eat healthy and run daily, but I’m naturally curvaceous, which makes it hard for me to shop in a lot of the stores that my favorite bloggers swear by. I wanted to create a blog for others who might feel the same way, and thus Curves & Curls was born. I hope you enjoy it!



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