Black & White & Red All Over!

Pants: Worthington, $25 Blouse: Worthington (similar/similar)

Gorgeous waterfall design by Kevin at Pondering Creations!

Necklace: Bauble Bar, $24 (shown in lime on link), Earrings: Gifted (similar)

Cuff: Brooklyn Flea Market, (similar/similar)

Coat: Target (similar), Shoes: Mia (similar)

Bag: Dooney & Bourke (similar/similar)

So I realized that this is the first time that I’ve fully lived up to the name of this blog and actually worn my hair curly! I have naturally curly hair, but lately I’ve been flat-ironing it a fair amount. This morning, however, Jamie and I had to be at the car dealership at 7:30 so she could get an oil change on her car. This meant leaving an hour earlier than usual, so I didn’t have time to straighten it. I just set it in place and spritzed it with a little hairspray so it wouldn’t frizz too much! This was also the first time in about a week that I’ve put on a full face of makeup; even lipstick and eyeshadow, which I almost never wear! To be entirely honest with you, this outfit was completely thrown together. I woke up, found some clean clothes, and put them on. That was pretty much it, and I’m really very pleased with the outcome!

A big thanks to Heather for taking my photos today!


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