Voluptuous Vintage

Blouse: Worthington, $16, Sweater: Worthington, $20, Belt: JC Penney (similar), Pants: Worthington, $25 (gray not shown in link) Shoes: eBay (similar), Necklace: Borrowed from Jamie (similar)

Ring: Vintage Shop in Troy, NY (similar)

Earrings: Handmade by Your’s Truly!

Similar Styles & more on my Etsy Store!

Today’s outfit has a sort of vintage feel to it. Most of the accessories are genuine vintage, with the exception of the belt and the earrings. I also went with a darker shade of lipstick to pull the look together. This week has really been one of thrown together outfits that just worked. I don’t really plan them in advance, I just get up and put something together, and generally I’m happy with the results!

You also might have noticed that my hair is a bit shorter. I really envy people with long hair. When my hair is long, I find it very difficult to manage. The length that you’ve seen mine recently is about as long as I can stand before I have to get it cut. Because of it’s thickness and naturally curly texture, my hair is just SO much easier to style and maintain when it’s shorter.

Thanks to Jamie for taking my photos today!

PS: Be on the lookout tomorrow for Curves & Curls’ very first GIVEAWAY!


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