Fashion Obsessions

Every Fashionista has her own personal sense of style. We all have certain things that we can’t get enough of and things we wouldn’t be caught dead in. We take bits and pieces from the trends that we see around us and we each create our own slightly personalized version as a way to express who we are. I have compiled a list here of things that I either have or wish I had in my wardrobe. Each piece or trend represents a piece of who I am on the inside reflected outwardly.

1. Leopard Print/Animal Themed Pieces

Animal themed pieces are so much fun and they really show off  my wilder side. I especially love leopard and cheetah print because they’re so easy to dress up or down (see Toronto and Election Day outfits for examples of each), and as long as you don’t overdo it, you’ll always look classy and well put-together!

Blouse: Worthington, $16

Flats: Worthington, $30
Coat: a.n.a., $80
Zebra Cuff: BaubleBar, $32

Check out these fun items as well:

Tiger Studs 

Snow Leopard Toms

Snow Leopard Heels

Leopard Wedges

Can You Guess the Next Category?

2. Heels!

If you haven’t noticed from my posts already, I am most certainly not a tall person. On a good day if I stand very straight, I measure in at 4’11”. As a result, I wear a lot of heels. They make me feel powerful in a world where a smaller person like me can be easily overlooked. I have more pairs than I can count, and my collection grows all the time!

Pumps: Worthington, $37
Worthington, $37
Worthington, $28 ON SALE!
My favorite red vintage heels from eBay!
These little beauties I got from the Brooklyn Flea Market

Also, check out these great heels:

Joanna Pumps from Shoemint

Leila Pumps from Shoemint

In Black Multi & Sweet Pink

3. And on the Complete Other End of the Spectrum: Flats

Sometimes, especially this time of year, I have to let the fact that I’m vertically challenged go and step into the comfort of flats instead. That doesn’t mean, however, that I have to sacrifice style! Check out some of my favorites from my collection:

Mia Dalmatian Flats (click the photo for a similar pair!)
Shiny Blue Flats: Cosmopolitan, $25
Black Flats: Cosmopolitan, $25

Also check out these amazing flats:

Wine Colored Bow Flats

Nicole Miller

Smoking Slippers

4. Bold Statement Jewelry

I absolutely love big statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They’re so much fun to wear, especially to dress up a more neutral outfit (see Double Denim for an example)! These pieces are an easy way for me to make a more subdued statement. I can draw attention to my bold, outgoing personality while keeping my outfit simple. Here are a few of  my favorite pieces:

Red Link Necklace: BaubleBar, $28
Baublebar Bib Necklace (click the photo for a similar look)
Vintage Ring (click for a similar style)
Rolled Ribbon Roses: Handmade by Your’s Truly
Click for similar styles on my Etsy Shop!
Cuff I got at the Brooklyn Flea Market

5. Last but not Least: Bold Prints & Colors

There is literally no better way to make a statement than with a bold splash of color. Sometimes, though, a burst of color from an accessory just doesn’t get the point across. Sometimes I need to wear a boldly printed skirt, pants, sweater or coat to convey my personality.

Printed Pants: Worthington, $17 ON SALE!
Red Pants: $25
Red Coat: Target (click for similar)
Gold Skirt: Worthington, $20
Cardigan: Worthington, $20
Snake-Print Pants: Worthington, $18 ON SALE!
Brocade Jeans: Bisou Bisou, $25

So there you have it folks! These pieces show off my personality through style. They help me to convey outwardly who I am on the inside. What are your favorite items from your wardrobe? What do they say about your personality?


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