My Apologies!

Good morning readers. Sadly, I do not have a post for you today, and for that I apologize sincerely. I had all sorts of fun festivities planned between Thanksgiving, my birthday, and a little shopping that would have allowed for TONS of fun pictures and stories to tell. Sometimes, though, the universe doesn’t care what your plans are and throws you for a loop. Without being too depressing or going into a lot of detail, a very jarring turn of events put a family member in the hospital Friday morning, and that’s pretty much where I’ve been all weekend. I will be back with a fashion-based post tomorrow, though. I have a couple of fun posts in mind that I’m sure you all will enjoy! For now, to lighten up the mood a bit, I’ll leave you with this funny pic I snapped at H&M in the city last weekend:

She wears it quite well, don’t you think?

❤ Chelsea


4 thoughts on “My Apologies!

  1. Awee sweet girl, noo!!
    I’m so sad to hear about your family member, I hope everything is okay..
    Sorry your weekend didn’t turn out like planned.. I’m sure you’ll make up for it!

    Have a better day, sending love your way!

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