I suppose if I was going to get sick, it’s better to get it done early in the season. I feel like absolute crap today, and I hate it. I’ve had two full mugs of tea and I can’t do anything for more than a few minutes without errupting into a coughing fit. Not to mention that  my abs are sore from this weekend’s workout, so every cough hurts. I know, first world problems, but it still sucks!

Needless to say, my nose is runny and red, I didn’t sleep well so my eyes are all puffy, and I’m a complete mess, so no photos today. Instead I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the best items to wear or have with you when you’re sick but you still have to go to work. Comfort really is always key, and never is this more true than when you’re not feeling your best. All items that I’ve listed can be found at JC Penney. It’s my favorite store for cute, affordable clothes for work.

PS: I am in no way being paid to promote JC Penney, Worthington, or any other brand here. Just a big fan!

Worthington Pants:

These are the pants that I have on today, but any pants by Worthington score a 10 on the comfort scale 🙂 They’re business appropriate, but feel like pajamas. The fabric is super soft, and they fit any figure perfectly. They do tend to run small, though, so go for a size up for the best fit! I’ve never paid more than $25 for a pair, so they’re affordable too!

Worthington Sweaters:

Or really anything Worthington. Their clothes are just so comfy and affordable, and are always good for work. Check out the selection at JC Penney here! As a whole, try to wear brightly colored clothes. It will help to boost your mood so you’ll feel a little bit better from the moment you step out the door. Sparkly jewelry will work as well!


If you’re anything like me, you get ALL the symptoms when you get a cold, which quite cruelly include body aches. Heels just make the problem worse in my opinion, so I go for a cute pair of flats instead. I’m in love with the loafer/smoking slipper style that’s come into vogue this year. These are an amazing pair that I have on today!

Sick Day Kit:

Find a cute little wristlet like this one and fill it with all your sick day essentials. For me this includes teabags, coughdrops, some DayQuil capsules, hand sanitizer, and tissues. Also, filling a water bottle will help remind you to keep hydrated throughout the day. I like to have two: one with water and one with orange juice for extra calcium and vitamins!

Do you have a favorite outfit to wear to work when you don’t feel well? What items do you find most comfortable?


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