The Moment I Knew…

The moment I knew I liked you came about 30 minutes into our first chat on OkCupid. We were discussing reading and running, and basically anything but sex, which was a wildly refreshing change from all the sleaze-balls who’d messaged me in the weeks prior. It was nice to just sit and chat with no pressure to tell you “what I’d do to you if we were together right now”. Of course, that all came up later, but I already liked you then.

The moment I knew I wanted to meet you came about 2 weeks after we started chatting on OkCupid. I’d been putting off planning an actual face-to-face meeting with you, putting you on the back burner, and I’m not really sure why. I suppose it’s because I had so much fun talking to you, and I was afraid you’d be different in real life, like so many dates before you. I didn’t want to let go of the nice flow we had going. After a string of absolutely awful dates with guys with not-so-pure intentions, though, I was ready for someone different, and I decided it was worth the risk. So when I knew I had the apartment to myself for a weekend, I invited you over.

The moment I knew I wanted you to be mine came at about 11 PM the night of our first date. What an incredible day that was! I felt totally comfortable with you. We ordered pizza, and watched Mission Hill, which I hadn’t watched since I graduated from college. I was impressed that you’d come prepared for the night with more than just condoms, although that sentiment was much appreciated as well ;).

Then we decided to go snuggle up in my room and watch something online. You pulled up The Comedy Button’s “Alcoholocaust” episode on YouTube. There’s something to be said for a group of people who drink nasty beverages-both alcoholic and non-and eating shitty, expired snacks for the entertainment of their fans. And there’s definitely¬†something to be said for a group of people who drink old Vietnamese alcohol that comes in a bottle that also houses a dead snake with a scorpion in its mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at something so hard in my entire life. It was the icing on top of an already incredible cake of a day. I slept better than I had in ages that night with you enveloping me, and I was sad to bring you to the train station the following morning. Two weeks later you asked me to be your’s, and I didn’t come down off the high for about a month.

The moment I knew for certain-as if I had any doubt to begin with-that you were a keeper came a little over 2 months into our relationship, on my birthday. We’ll try to avoid too much of the nitty-gritty depressing details, because we all know what went down that day, but you were amazing. When my mom called as we were walking out the door to start celebrating the day, you immediately wrapped me up in your loving arms and just let me cry. You kept me distracted all the way to the hospital so I could drive.

The greatest thing for me, though, was when we walked into the room. My entire immediate family was there, surrounding my father, who was laying there with unseeing eyes and more tubes than the New New York transit system. It must have been the most uncomfortable moment possible for you, but instead of putting your head in your shell and shying away from it, you immediately took me into your arms and spent the rest of the day making sure I was okay. You must have been dying from discomfort, but I never once felt like I needed to comfort you. I knew in that moment I could count on you to be there for me at my best and at my worst.

Each passing day brings about a new reason to be certain I want you around for a very long time (would you like to stay forever?). I’ve waited a long time (my entire life!) and kissed a lot of frogs to get here, but I can’t imagine life without you.


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