Hair Growth Tips from Mikell

Hey everyone!
It’s Mikell from Love & Such– I’m SO excited the lovely Chelsea has asked me to do a guest post on her blog today!

Lately I’ve had TONS of readers & friends ask me what I do to get my hair to grow so fast!
I realized a few months ago when I got my hair colored and my stylist said, “Your hair has gotten SO LONG!”
I started going back through my phone to look at pictures and I realized she was right!
The picture on the left was taken in July & the picture on the right was taken in November- ONLY 4 MONTHS!


Here are a few easy tips to keeping your hair healthy, strong & growing LONG!

1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar 
Sounds totally gross right? WRONG! A friend of mine suggested this to me & I didn’t buy it for months.
I bought some apple cider vinegar to clean with & thought I’d give it a try…
Fill a tall cup full of apple cider vinegar & take it in the shower with you.
After you shampoo & condition your hair, slowly pour the vinegar over your hair. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with COOL WATER!
*SURPRISINGLY your hair won’t smell like vinegar after you dry your hair, but it WILL be extremely shiny!*

2. Use Coconut Milk or Coconut Oil
After the shower while your hair is still dripping wet, pump some coconut milk into your hands and rub it to make it warm.
I put this in my hair starting at the ends and working my way up. I try not to put any at the roots of my hair.
You can also do the same thing with coconut oil, just don’t use as much!
(I like to buy Organix Coconut Oil- you can get this at your local grocery store for $5-$7 & it lasts FOREVER!)


3. Use Heat Protectant Products!
My flat iron is my best friend. You guys don’t even want to know what my hair looks like before I flat iron it!
As you all know, heat will take a TOLL on your hair! Make sure you use a heat protectant spray before you flat iron OR BLOW DRY your hair!
My favorite brand is TRESeme Heat Tamer Spray (At Walmart for $3.98 VS the CHI brand at Walmart for $13.77! — KILLER DEAL!)
This protects your hair and leaves it sleek and shiny!


4. Use Hot Oil Treatments
I only do these about once a month, or every few weeks as needed.
You can get tiny bottles of them that will last 4-5 uses at your local beaty supply store.
I have found the cheaper hot oil treatments work just as well as the more expensive ones.
I don’t see the need to spend any extra money on these!

5. Vitamin Supplements
Most of my pregnant friends suddenly sprout thick luscious strands! (A lot do to with pregnancy, & a lot to do with PRENATALS!)
Prenatals do have some lovely benefits to growing thick beautiful hair.
Another supplement that I take is called Hair, Skin & Nails. You can often find this at your local pharmacy, Costco or online at
It has 5000 mcg Biotin. Even if you have normal Biotin levels, you may choose to take Biotin as a supplement in the hopes of capitalizing on its ability to stimulate rapid hair and nail growth
I take this as listed in the directions on the bottle: one pill 3 times a day with food!


6. Stimulate Hair growth
Do this by massaging your scalp frequently! Ever notice how good it feels when your hair stylist washes your hair and gives your scalp some extra lovin?!
Massaging your scalp will stimulate blood flow & encourage cell turnover.
I will massage my scalp while I shampoo my hair. I also have this nifty gadget- Kikkerland Head Massager for $3.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond!
BEST $4.00 I ever spent you will LOVE THIS THING!


7. Get trims regularly
Get trims regularly to get rid of those split ends! Split ends=unhealthy hair=slow growth!

All of these are simple ways to get your hair to grow faster!
Hope you found some of these tips useful!

Be sure to visit me at Love & Such in the future!
Thanks to Chelsea and all of her readers for letting me stop by!!


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