Spotlight On…Christian Louboutin

Subtitle: The Most Gorgeous Shoes on Earth

That I’ll be Able to Afford Someday

I’ve never been one for big name labels with a high price tag. I’m usually the type to scoff at a pair of $700 shoes (or really $700 anything that isn’t a large appliance) and buy an equally gorgeous similar pair for $25. There’s just something about Christian Louboutin shoes, though, that makes all that go out the window. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something as much as I want a pair of those gorgeous pumps with that luscious red sole. (At least in terms of fashion, that is. I promise, I do have my priorities in check!) So today we celebrate Mr. Louboutin and his wonderful shoes. Feast your eyes!


Lady Sling 100mm Black Patent//Fifi 85mm Silver Glitter//Filo 120mm Black Leather//Fifi Spikes 100mm Canari Patent


Lady Sling 100mm Nude Patent//Fifi Strass 100mm Aurora Boreale//Ever 100mm Rouge Lipstick Glitter//Very Riche 120mm Nude Strass


Paulina 100mm Python Roccia//Flo Sling 120mm Rose Matador//Flo 120mm Leopard Printed Pony//Bianca 140mm Rose Paris Patent


Flo 120mm Rose Paris Patent//Lady Sling 100mm Red Patent//Fifi Spikes 100mm Rose Paris Patent//Triboclou 100mm Black Leather


Fifi Strass 100mm Multicolor//Fossile 140mm Caraibes Leather//Altadama 140mm Caraibes Watersnake//Diptic 100mm Caraibes Suede Python


And, of course, the man himself!

Photo Credit

Happy Almost Friday Everyone!

❤ Chelsea


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