Monthly Archives: March 2013

‘Tude Shoot

I spent Sunday afternoon in the city with Bill catching up on some blogging and enjoying some yummy eats at French Roast. It was such a beautiful day outside I decided it was a good day for a mini photo shoot. I posed for a few smiley photos, none of which came out well. Little did I know that in the meantime Bill had taken a whole bunch of candid photos. In each one I have a sort of attitudinal but cute look on my face, which I really got a kick out of. I decided those were the photos I’d share with y’all today!

photo 1-1


Blouse & Sweater: Worthington//Jeans: Liz Claiborne//Belt: Target//Sneakers: Nike

The only thing I’m wearing that’s new (or even a remotely recent purchase) are my sunnies, which are from Target,

and my Coach bangles, which were a gift from my mom.


photo 2-1


This one kind of looks staged, but it’s completely candid!


photo 3


I love this one the most. Total Miranda Priestly lip pursing going on here!

What did you do to enjoy the sunny weather this weekend? How ready are you for spring to arrive?

Happy Monday!

❤ Chelsea


Have a Giggle

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. These two cute little critters have made me laugh every time I’ve needed a giggle recently. And not just a little bit. Both have provided belly-rolling, ab-working laughter. Maybe I’m really immature, or maybe I’m just really easily amused. Either way, take a look, have a laugh. Enjoy:

The “I Pooted” Giraffe:

tumblr_m9bv1anp6T1rcmhj4o1_500The face is just too perfect!

…And The Puppy Getting it’s Head Rubbed:

bb0aa200aef90373b57eb194fadeee13Just delightful, right?

I hope you got a good laugh in!

❤ Chelsea