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Spotlight On…Christian Louboutin

Subtitle: The Most Gorgeous Shoes on Earth

That I’ll be Able to Afford Someday

I’ve never been one for big name labels with a high price tag. I’m usually the type to scoff at a pair of $700 shoes (or really $700 anything that isn’t a large appliance) and buy an equally gorgeous similar pair for $25. There’s just something about Christian Louboutin shoes, though, that makes all that go out the window. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something as much as I want a pair of those gorgeous pumps with that luscious red sole. (At least in terms of fashion, that is. I promise, I do have my priorities in check!) So today we celebrate Mr. Louboutin and his wonderful shoes. Feast your eyes!


Lady Sling 100mm Black Patent//Fifi 85mm Silver Glitter//Filo 120mm Black Leather//Fifi Spikes 100mm Canari Patent

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Spotlight On…Fun Workout Clothes

Lately, as you know, the only clothes I’ve been buying have been workout clothes. I’ve never felt that working out is a reason not to look cute. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do not advocate getting all dolled up just to go to the gym. That’s something that attention whores do, and you’re better than that! But that doesn’t mean that you have to show up in baggy sweats and oversized tee shirts either. The right outfit can make or break any situation, and the gym is no exception! Here are a few fun items that I’ve recently discovered while looking for fun workout gear. There’s something for everyone out there!

Looking for a little motivation? Look no further than these awesome tees & tanks, all available on Etsy!


You Got This Tee, $15//Play Hard Get Dirty, $15//Will Not Quit, $26//3…2…1…Work!, $22

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Spotlight On…Worthington

I will admit, I had a very tough time picking a topic for the first “Spotlight On…” post. I went through a whole mess of different ideas in my head but ultimately decided it was best to keep to the things I know best. As far as my wardrobe is concerned, there is nothing that I know or trust better than Worthington. I’ve never had trouble finding something that I liked, and their clothes are always affordble. You can find all of the items shown here at JC Penney, and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Let’s start with tops:


Clockwise from top left: Pleated Bow Blouse, $18 // Tie Front Blouse , $18 // Pleated Neck Top, $16 // Belted Pleated Neck Blouse, $10 ON SALE!

I’m IN LOVE with the gorgeous mint shade on the Tie Front Blouse.

Also, see how I styled the Pleated Neck Top for Election Day here.

Some cozy sweaters:


Clockwise from top left: Short Sleeve Cowl Neck, $14 // Peter Pan Color Block, $11 // Kimono Cardi , $14 // Long Sleeve Cardi, $12

All items in this category are ON SALE!

See how I styled the Long Sleeve Cardi here, here & here.

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